Monday, February 20, 2012


Have you ever found yourself with some downtime and didn't quite know what to do with yourself?  Do you end up finding yourself watching a few hours of TV, playing multiple levels of angry birds, getting annoyed there is nothing new to see on fb, or doing some other mindless drivel?  I certainly do.

It's just so easy to play a game on my phone and be completely distracted from the world than to seriously think about something important.  I have tons of books in my room filled with fascinating ideas but I rarely get around to reading them because they simply don't seem quite as appealing as checking my fb page.  Yet I know from experience that when I do take time to write important thoughts in my journal, read old journal entries (i highly recommend it), read that econ textbook I kept to read instead of selling back, read the scriptures, or read a novel that I feel so much more satisfaction afterwards.  It's refreshing to be focused on one thing and achieve novel insights into life itself.  

Yet here you find yourself skimming a blog post only to move onto another window on your screen and divert your attention to some other activity.  Do we ever think to close the virtual screen for a while and simply just ponder and review what we have read, seen, heard, experienced, or done?  We fill ourselves with limitless information to only have it mean nothing.  And then even when we do take that precious time to review our lives, thoughts, feelings, and actions and write them down we never go back and look at them.  

I really wish I was more self-willed to take serious time to learn (just because you're cramming for a test to only forget everything you learned the next day doesn't mean you're learning), to ponder, to write, and to grow.  I wish I was more sensitive to my life and the lives of others.  I wish I was more articulate in my thoughts.  

Sometimes I relish the time I spend taking the bus home on the occasional weekends.  It can be really peaceful and enlightening to sit in relative silence for over an hour.  

Don't be afraid to lie in bed staring at the ceiling thinking, or to take a long stop on your hike to simply enjoy the moment of nature, or dust off that old journal you struggled to write as a high school student. Now to go forgo everything I just wrote about to play yet another game of freecell.  

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