Saturday, September 24, 2011


I have a place to discuss my feelings.  I call it a journal, prayer, and personal conversations.  I have a place to post pictures and share random trivial things about my life.  It’s called Facebook.  However, I feel that I am lacking a place to fully explore my opinions, ideas, and thoughts.  Lately, I have found myself in a dearth of these explorations and maybe this blog will supply fresh water to the desert that has become my intellectual and spiritual stimulation.

In the past, I have had great personal and group conversations with some of my best friends to discuss these topics.  But distance has made these occurrences diminish and so I have turned to technology to facilitate these conversations.  I have used text, but text is a medium difficult to use to fully convey an idea. I have even used Facebook, where at times I wrote page long comments in response to posts.  But Facebook has not proven to be a place to fully have a discussion or to fully delve into these topics, but rather Facebook has proven to be a place where short witty comments are made.  I have used google docs, emails, comment boards, and etc and now I will try the blog. 

Hopefully in this blog I will be able to find a medium that will better facilitate conversation, learning, and the exploration of ideas.  My best motivation to learn new ideas comes when I have someone to discuss them with.  Learning and never sharing is, in my opinion, quite meaningless and therefore I struggle to find motivation to learn if I can’t apply it or even discuss it.  I don’t know if I will have many or any followers but having this information public will hopefully provide me with that motivation to expand my knowledge and share it.

If you’re looking for a travel blog, this is not it.  If you’re looking to see pictures from my weekend, I am sorry but you will not find it here.  This blog will be devoted to ideas, questions, theories, doubts, opinions, and etc.  I intend to touch upon subjects like religion, history, philosophy, politics, relationships, ethics, psychology, economics, finance, epistemology, education, and etc. 
I hope you find this blog enlightening and beneficial.  Please provide comments but I ask that those comments be respectful and well-thought out.  Enjoy!!!

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